Experience the fascinating landscape of Mallorca on the bike! Get insider tips about cycling, see special features of the region and indulge in culinary highlights of Mallorca.

With Guido Eickelbeck and his team

What people say about us

Since I meet Guido in Summer 2010 in Mallorca he took my cycling to a new level in terms of methods, access to material and people in professional cycling. Not enough he connects interesting people worldwide and made every holiday a lasting experience. Guido has a unique skill to motivate people and show them the most beautiful places through cycling, amongst my experience with Guido and friends are cycling trips to Cuba, South Africa, Spain and France!

Cycling has changed my lifestyle. VIP Cycling has changed my standards: the best guides, only top gear, perfect tours and still a relaxed atmosphere are now standard for me when it comes to cycling events.

Thomas Winkler, CEO UBM Development AG

Cycling in Mallorca with Guido is as harmonious as the ticking of a Breitling.

Georges Kern, CEO & Co-Owner Breitling

Here is no better organisation to cycle with in Mallorca than VIP Cycling and Guido Eickelbeck. Everything is personalised and made to measure. Highly recommend after a great experience last year and from now on every year. Life is like a bicycle, when you stop pedalling, you fall off.

Michel de Carvalho, Chairman Citi Private Bank, EMEA, Member of the Board Heineken NV

TEAM LIPSTICK LOVES GUIDO!! When we come to Mallorca for training Guido is with us every step of the way, ensuring that each athlete has the most amazing and fulfilling experience, both on the bike and off. He is there in the morning as we tuck into breakfast and stays with us up until he drops us off at night after an outstanding dinner. Mallorca would never be the same with Guido. He has become a truly exceptional part of our Team Lipstick family!

Laura Cozik, Owner Team Lipstick

Guido knows how to make a cycling vacation fun! On a recent “girls trip” to Girona, Spain, Guido led us on lovely scenic routes that were challenging yet safe, and he had an uncanny ability to find the most charming café’s for café con leche along the way! Guido knows how to balance great riding with the special little touches that make a vacation epic!

Virginia Tinley, Executive Director CAF

Cycling gives me pure intelligent energy. Whether I am cycling in the area of the Volkaneifel near Prum in Germany or privately on the island of Mallorca, with Guido as my professional coach I get the most out of the experience – both physically and mentally.

Sebastian Ackermann, RWE Head of Corporate Communications

Guido is a great fitness trainer. He’s absolutely the best when it comes to tours around Mallorca. Personally, I find it a real plus that he also knows the best restaurants on the island.

Rainer Callmund - Calli

I never thought I would like biking and I was convinced I would never try it. But then Guido invited me for a trial ride. I couldn’t believe it, but I actually loved it! Experiencing the unique scenery, great weather, learning about the sport and, of course, enjoying Guido’s lovely company, it was perfect! Guido made every second of my ride special. I found myself not wanting the biking day to finish…

Marcela Royer, Business Development Consultant - ICON Yachts

Cycling is the ideal way for me to recharge when my stressful lifestyle gets the better of me. It makes me feel better, I lose some weight and make new friendships. Personally I find that 3 days in a “Short Break” training camp is more effective than 2 weeks at a regular sports camp. With Guido the experience is much more personal and never over crowded. Safety is of utmost importance to Guido and riding on roads with little traffic heightens the overall experience. As a manager, I find the team building effect inherent to cycling in a group ideal for incentive trips and as part of management seminars. There is no better place to cycle than the island of Mallorca and, with Guido as a guide, the experience is perfect. I just have to arrive, Guido takes care of the rest. Guido has the knack to animate exhausted and difficult people, he always puts the right people together and he knows the newest and best restaurants on the island and where to go to have fun. When I arrive at VIP Cycling, I feel like I am coming home. The combination of a few days in Palma coupled with the exclusive VIP bike treatment with Guido equals perfection. It is the secret of my success.

Benno Vegers, Founding Partner - GATSBY AND WHITE S.A.

The cycling tour on Mallorca with the group of my partners, which was prepared and guided by Guido, was one of the best experiences in my life. Actually for me it was the first time when I biked three days in a row and I was sort of scared before the trip started. But the routes were well thought-out by our guide, and the exercise stress was divided reasonably over the day. All that, including fabulous landscapes of the island, made the event just unforgettable. The last but not least, Guido can give the best advice for choosing a restaurant for dinner and knows all the worth-to-visit venues of Mallorca.

Aliona Chavanskaja, Sales Manager, Karcher Ltd. Russland

Bikes we rented at VIP cycling were great and very well maintained. Staff was super friendly & helpful. Thank you Brigitte and Guido for the excellent service you provided for our group.

Jill Murwin, Founder & Owner of Chasing Atlas Travel

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